Investment Management





At Generations Wealth Management, it is not our objective to have a large client list. Exceptional service is our hallmark, and to do that, we accept a limited number of clients. To keep our service at the level to which our clients are accustomed, we provide investment management services to clients with $1 million or more to invest.

A consistent investment strategy is key to sustaining wealth through the generations. Successful investing also requires an advisor who is your advocate. Before we work with you to implement a financial program, we take the time to understand your expectations. By actively participating in the planning process, you retain control each step of the way.

After we have assessed your goals, needs, and objectives, we will suggest an asset allocation to best serve you. The recommendations we make for your investment strategy are always made in your best interest. Because we are an independent advisor, we have the advantage of offering you access to a wider variety of products than many bigger Wall Street firms.

Once your investment strategy is implemented, Generations Wealth Management will continue to monitor your investments and communicate with you regularly. As your needs and goals evolve, so will our investment approach. As with any good relationship, communication is the key to success.